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We offer a comprehensive, custom marketing and SEO strategy for your business. As an agency that only works with excavating, trucking and landscaping businesses, we’re uniquely positioned to build a marketing strategy that works for your business. Our founder worked in excavation for nearly 15 years. We know the work, we know the machinery and we understand the work. All of our content is written by a team who knows the excavation industry intimately.

Our system is like a fine-oiled machine.

(and we get how important that is.)

Discovery consultation

This is a quick phone call to introduce ourselves and gain a better understanding of your business. Our objective is to gain an understanding of your company. We will ask you questions about your services, your marketing activities, your competition and your local market to help us determine if working with Rankmaster is the right fit for you.

Online presence audit and competition analysis

Our next step is a complete audit of your online presence including your website design, content and SEO, your Google Business Profile, your current advertising and the competitive climate in your area. We thoroughly evaluate your local competitors SEO and determine what will be required to beat them in search rankings.

Comprehensive proposal

Now that we have a thorough understanding of your online presence, your market and your competition, we will make you a proposal. This will include corrective action necessary to ensure that your website, your SEO and your overall online presence are the absolute best in your area. Because we are a niche agency, we know what it takes to rank in the excavating industry and offer complete SEO solutions. Our offer will be customized to suit the needs of your business based on our research. We can customize our offerings further at your request.

Questionnaire and access

This is the most annoying part of the process for most business owners. We will forward you a questionnaire with information that we require to begin work on your project. This includes information about your business as well as granting us permission to view and access various web accounts if you have them set up already.

We'll build you a killer website

If you have decided on a new site or a branding package, this is where we start building it out. No corners are cut here. If you want a boring site that looks like all of your competitors, you’re in the wrong place. Your site will reflect the unique character and offerings of your business. In order to start on this, we will need any digital assets you want to use on the site such as photos, videos and branding material (if required). Don’t have photos? We can walk you through hiring a local photographer to take some great images of your business to highlight the awesome work that you do.

Build out the pages of your site

Most contractor websites are woefully lacking the the content department, with single page sites being the current preferred design. We don’t do this. We build out sites with a minimum of 15 pages not only to give your clients the best experience possible, but to ensure that you’re ranking for every possible relevant search term. We build out a unique page for every service that you offer and every neighborhood/town that you work in. This helps ensure that you’re capturing as much traffic as you possibly can. We also include an equipment page to show the potential client what you’re working with (if required), and a blog page for ongoing content to help you rank for even. more search terms.
The typical lawn care website we see from potential clients is significantly lacking in the content department by having only a few pages of content. Most are only between 5 and 10 pages including the home page, about us, our services, contact us and maybe a service area page. This is not enough to rise about your competition and to be visible on a wide range of search queries. We take a different approach, we build out a separate page for each of your services and a page for each of your service areas and we also include a blog for ongoing content creation. Our typical lawn care website is between 20 and 30 pages not counting any blog content.

Google Business profile and reputation management

This is where we set up the off-site elements of your campaign. This includes a complete overhaul of your Google Business Profile as well as implementing off-site elements of your local SEO campaign including citations and backlinks. In this step, we will work with you to build a healthy Google review profile. One of the best ways to build trust is a healthy review profile. If required, we will give you access to a platform to manage your reviews, as well as embedding new 4 and 5-star reviews on your website. We can also set you up with an automated system to request new reviews from your clients.

Contact form and CRM integration

If you use a CRM to manage your business, we will work with you to integrate it into your website. If you don’t use a CRM or have a CRM that does not offer lead capture we will install a contact form on your site to capture lead information.

Rankmaster has made our online presence next level. Mike is thorough and makes sure we capture every available target area. Great service, prompt replies, and very knowledgeable.

Emreh Erdem
Erdem Excavating

From start to finish he made it such a easy experience. The finished website is fantastic! Mike knows the industry, and how to stand out and what works! I highly recommend Rankmaster!!

Justin Seagle

Mike is extremely easy to talk to, funny and has a high level of give a $#!+ for his customers. We will 100% use Rankmaster in the future for upgrading our website and SEO needs.

Evan Ziemer
Dirt Nerd Earthworks

Mike's experiences working both in the excavating / trucking industry as well as in the search engine optimization sector give him a completely unique advantage in this niche space.

Luke Taylor

Solutions for excavators

We dig in and really investigate all the ways to help you get your company ahead of your competitors online.
Core services
Article content
Blog posts are one of the consistently best sources of inbound website traffic. Google sees each article as a new page on your site, helping your SEO. We know how to write content that speaks your customers' language!
Search optimization
We execute a comprehensive SEO strategy for your business including claiming and optimizing your business listing, creating web pages for each service and city and getting you high-quality citations, backlinks and reviews.
Paid web traffic
SEO takes time for all the moving parts to generate solid recurring results. To bridge the gap, we will set up a paid Google ads campaign to get your business showing up on page one right away.
Add-on services
Branding design
The most successful excavating companies in each city are also often the most recognized. Having a visual identity that conveys your value is critical for positioning your company for long-term success. Don't wait on this one.
Website development
Great Google results don't help much if they lead to an outdated or insufficient website. We will build you a fast, mobile-friendly site that is designed to rank on Google and convert visitors into customers with on-brand messaging and content.
Social media management
Social media is everywhere now, and well-managed social content helps communicate to your community what you do, how you do it, and why they should know you. We'll create content, share it, and promote it.

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