All about Rankmaster

an expert from two worlds

A company that benefits from a diverse career experience.

Hey, I'm Mike. I founded Rankmaster in 2019. After more than a decade in the excavation industry as a truck-driver and equipment operator, and four years in digital marketing, I decided to blend the two things I know best, and form Rankmaster Marketing.

The vision is simple – we only work with ambitious excavation, landscaping and trucking entrepreneurs to build beautiful, industry-leading websites and get their businesses ranking in organic search, paid search and local search.

We know you didn’t start your business because you wanted to learn online marketing. You started it because you love what you do, and you want to offer top-quality service to your clients.

But in order to that – you have to drive traffic first.

That’s where Rankmaster steps in.

Imagine what it would be like to outrank your competition in local search, and organic search. Imagine your phone ringing more and you having more work than ever, while spending less on marketing?
Your revenue would increase, you wouldn’t have to worry about making payroll and more importantly, you could free up more time and mental space to devote to the work that you actually want to do.

Ask yourself this question – are you sick and tired of big promises, and spending money on marketing that doesn’t work for your excavation business.

Are you ready to give tired old marketing practices and let us build you a digital plan that actually works?

How does it work?

First, we will do an assessment of your online and presence. This includes your website, current search rankings, social media accounts and your competition. Next, we will talk with you to learn more about your business, your goals and the type of work you specialize in.

We do not charge for this. There is no catch and no obligation. Everything that we discuss will be specifically tailored for your business.

You will speak directly with me, the owner (Mike Greig) and with your help, I will develop a marketing plan for your business designed to get your website to the top of Google, and increase local awareness of your company to maximize your calls and leads.

Our aim is to take the technical and strategic aspects of your digital marketing so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Ready to dig in and roll out?

RankMaster is the premier agency for Excavation and Landscape Contractors.